prices – Seasonal camping


Seasonal camping 2021
Summer30/4–20/9Fr. 17450 SEK+2,50 SEK/kWh
Autumn20/8–19/93000 SEK+2,50 SEK/kWh
Winter24/9–1/4**4500 SEK+2,50 SEK/kWh
Spring24/4–28/66400 SEK+2,50 SEK/kWh
Full year*20/9–29/43500 SEK+2,50 SEK/kWh

* To be able to book full year, you must have a summer season seat which is then extended.
**Easter supplement: 1000 SEK + 2.50 / kWh with check-out Mon w.16.
10 amps of electricity are included in the prices above.