Seasonal camping

You’re most welcome to stay a little longer

You can rent a place for a longer period, a so-called seasonal place. We have four seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Summer season 30/4–20/9: Limited number of places (see blue spots on the area map). If a place is wanted for the summer season, a declaration of interest is required to land in our queue system. Read more below.

Fall season 20/8–19/9: Can be booked subject to availability, by phone or directly at reception.

Winter season 24/9–1/4: Can be booked subject to availability, by phone or directly at reception.

Spring season 24/4–28/6: Can be booked as required, by phone or directly at reception.

Full year: Assume that the guest has been given a summer season spot. Then it is possible to choose for the winter season in the same place.

Make interest inquiry

The first Monday in February between 7 p.m. From 9:00 to 15:00 you can, by dialing in, announce your interest in the seasonal location. The order of the incoming calls determines the location of the queue. We will announce your place in the queue by mail and sms, the same day.
NOTE! Application only accepted by phone. In order to maintain their place in the queue, it must be updated at the same time each year.

Min El

The places that have new meters in their poles can control their meter from home for on/off, electricity reading etc. A username and password are needed to access their location meters. If you have not received this information contact the reception. The link to enter the page is:

Caravan sales

If it is relevant to sell your caravan on our campsite, read this first: