Reservation Policy

When will my booking become binding?

As soon as the booking has been confirmed and been paid, the booking will be binding both for you and for us.

When should I pay?

The full amount must be paid within 14 days when choosing payment by invoice and directly when booking when choosing to pay with card. When choosing an invoice, 25SEK in invoice venom is added and if the invoice is to be mailed, there is a 25SEK in postage fee. When booking by phone, there is a booking fee of 75SEK. When booking less than 14 days before arrival, the stay is paid on site at check-in, when booking online the stay is paid by card at the time of booking.

What if I don’t pay on time?

If you do not pay your booking on time, the booking will be cancelled.

Cancellation with cancellation insurance 

If you have cancellation insurance, you can cancel your booking until the day of arrival until 10:00 AM.

We keep the amount for cancellation insurance and refund the remaining amount. The price of the cancellation insurance is 10% of the amount paid in for the booking.

Cancellation without cancellation insurance

Up to 30 days before arrival, 90% of the paid amount for the booking will be refunded. For cancellation closer than 30 days before arrival, no money will be refunded in case of cancellation without cancellation insurance. In the event of extraordinary events, individual decisions are made.

Depart before the agreed time

With cancellation insurance, the stay can be cancelled until 10:00 AM on the new planned departure day. If you have booked for a fixed period of time and do not have cancellation insurance no money will be refunded. In the event of extraordinary events, individual decisions are made.

Late arrival

If you do not arrive or notify the reception no later than 06:00 PM on the day of arrival, there will automatically be a cancellation and the place is then available for other guests. This only applies if you have not paid in advance.


The booking may be rebooked during the current booking year if you have added cancellation insurance. In case of price difference between periods, the guest is billed for the difference. If the price for the period to which the booking was moved is less, the difference will be refunded.

What obligations do I have?

The agreement expires and the party must immediately move from the cottage/room/plot and is not entitled to recover any part of the rental amount if;
Someone in the party behaves disruptively in one of our accommodation options or in the area,
-Someone in the party commits vandalism in one of our accommodation options or in the area
-Someone in the party uses our accommodation options and facilities for unintended purpose
-Well-being rules and regulations for safety are not followed
-Smoking takes place at guest houses/hostels/cottage/service facilities and there is also a clean-up fee of 4000:-
-Larger stereo systems must not be included to use in the rooms. 


In the event of any remarks or errors, it must be made directly on the spot, so that we have the opportunity to correct any errors directly. If we do not agree, you can contact the General Complaints Board or the consumer advisor in your municipality. If you wish to claim compensation to win consideration, this is done in writing within 10 days of the date of departure.

Force Majeure

Significant restrictions on delivery or circumstances beyond the control of the facility entitle us to cancel the contract without obligation to pay damages (eg strike, fire, lockout, war, natural disaster or the like).


Cabins and hostel rooms
the accommodation price does not include cleaning, bed linen, towels or cot unless otherwise stated on the confirmation. Ni has access no earlier than 03.00 PM to the cottage the day of arrival and must leave the cottage no later than 12.00 the day of departure (11:00 AM if final cleaning has been purchased). Final cleaning of cottages must be booked no later than 3 days before the day of departure. If the cottage is left untidy, we have the right to post-de-treat for cleaning. For hostel rooms, you have earliest access at 03.00 PM the day of arrival and must leave the hostel room no later than 11.00 AM the day of departure. Rooms must be cleaned.

Hotel rooms
You have access no earlier than 03.00PM the day of arrival and must leave the room no later than 11.00AM the departure day

You have access to the plot no earlier than 02.00 PM the day of arrival and must leave it no later than 12.00 PM the day of departure. At a later check-out, you will be charged an additional daily fee. 4 people are included in the daily rate, in addition to that there is a fee of 100SEK/adult/night and 50SEK/child/night.

Only in our cabins (Captain´s cottage excepted), room 4 and on the camping pitches, pets are allowed to be included.

If you overlook cleaning at the hostel/ cottage, you will be charged a cleaning fee.


Strictly prohibited in all our accommodation options/service facilities. Should this happen, the guest will be charged a clean-up fee of 4000:-

Lost boom and service house card; A lost card will be charged with 70SEK at check-out.