Code of Conduct


On a site with a drain connection, it is important that the connection is tight. The drain is only intended for gray water. Toilet can not be connected. Open plumbing must not be used on land without drainage connections.


The caravans shall be used by registered guests. It is not allowed to rent or lend the caravan to other people. Visitors must be registered at the reception.


May only be done with watering can. Don’t waste the water!


Electricity meters are read by once in the autumn and once in the spring during the seasonal changes. You can personally check the meter stands whenever you want. Be sure to lock the electrical cabinet. Use fixed connection in the CCE socket, not adapter. The circuit breaker must not be used as a switch and must always be switched on. Use approved power cables and connections. You are not allowed to bury cables. If the contact has not been seated properly and it has burned in the outlet, the guest may pay SEK 1000 in damages. 


Only allowed in grills. Barbecue charcoal and ash should be emptied into designated barrels at the garbage stations. You are welcome to use our stone-BBQs placed by the playground.


The size is set to a maximum of 25 sqm. It must be towed by passenger car on public roads without special permission. The caravan must not be built up, a wheel must be at ground level. The recommended placement is at least 2 meters from the site boundary. Only textile awnings are allowed, otherwise the facility’s approval is required. Gas installation must be approved and checked annually.

Peace and quiet

Good order applies throughout the day. Between 23:00 and 07:00 it must be quiet and no traffic can occur. Phone to on-call caretaker is +46 525-66137.

Sanitary buildings

For everyone’s pleasure, we want help keeping the service houses nice and in order. Children are not allowed to stay there without supervision. It is not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol inside the buildings, nor to cycle, skateboard or inline.


Large items of refuse e.g. Refrigerators, grills, garden furniture, TV sets and wood waste should be left directly to the recycling center, which is located towards the Bullaren, 3 km east of Tanum.

Site and deck

The surface of the deck, incl. floors under the awning may be a maximum of 30 sqm. The railing around the terrace may be a maximum of 1.20 m high. The height of the deck floor must not be higher than the level of the caravan. Wind protection is allowed but must be in textile and not allowed to be permanent. Construction of the terrace and fence may only take place out of summer and winter seasons.

It is only allowed to set up a caravan with its awning on the site. Party tents, fun tents, sheds, tents and so on. is not allowed. Flag poles and masonry grills are not allowed. Shrubs and flowers are allowed to be planted, even on plot grass but in agreement with the neighbor and camping host concerned. Tenant maintenance is the responsibility of the tenant. Cutting / sawing of trees must be asked for permission from the campsite host, in writing.

When building a floor / fence, or other construction, this can only be done during low season and weekdays between 08.00-18.00 and first weekend every month between 10:00-16:00. No construction work is allowed without the permission of the host. When leaving the site, it must be cleared from the floor and the like. The place should be left completely empty. If not, the site is counted as winter camping and a fee is charged.

Cancellation of seasonal camping

When moving, the site must be left clean and free of floor and fence. Key is returned at reception. If the place is not cleaned, the guest is obliged to pay a fee of SEK 3000.


Violations of these rules can lead to immediate termination. In this case, no refund will be made and the campsite owner will then have the right to remove the caravan and associated awning and patio floor.