Activities and exursions

At a comfortoble walking distance from GrebbestadFjorden, you will find the popular Grebbestadbryggan with shops, restaurants, Shellfish cafés and one of the best guest marinas on the entire coast. Visit the websites below and see what there is to see and do in the area.

Activities at GrebbestadFjorden 

Adventure golf
Challenge your family or friends to a game at our exciting adventure golf course. Minigolf clubs and balls are available for rent in the shop or at the reception.
Opening hours are: Monday-Sunday 08.00-22.00

Available for rent, ask at the reception. 
Opening hours are: Monday-Sunday 08.00-22.00 

Bike rental
Bikes are available to rent, ask at the shop.

Tuffe Wiktor
This is a train that runs through Grebbestad. There is a stop outside GrebbestadFjorden. A timetable is available at the reception.